Green Spot

Green Spot is the longest running "Pure" Pot Still Whiskey being first introduced in the early 1900s by the long established Wine merchants Mitchell & Son of 21 Kildare Street, Dublin.

As a common practice at the time, merchants and publicans filled their own casks with their local distilleries' spirit, matured it, and sold it under their own name.

Today, Green Spot ist the last one to remain of that Tradition. Produced in Midleton by IDG as a Pure Pot Still Whiskey, it is at least 7 years old, and 25 per cent is matured in Sherry Wood.

Green Spot has received ratings of 9 out of 10 by both, Jim Murray and Michael Jackson in 2000.


Mitchell & Son, Wine Merchants Ltd., 21 Kildare Street, Dublin. Established since 1805.