Old Irish Gold

In march 1972, Munich based company Mootz Import, bought 16 casks of Irish Whiskey, aged 15 years, from a warehouse in Scotland.

The whiskey was distilled around the mid-1950s and could have been acquired from the stocks of the fading distilleries in Kilbeggan or Tullamore.

The statement on the label, "From Dublin, the heart of Ireland" is certainly not very reliable and could have been used to profit from the popularity of the famous "Dublin Whiskey" provided by Jameson and Power. The Old Irish Distilling Company, responsible for distilling and aging this Whiskey, probably never existed.

Mootz bottled it at 43 per cent abv under the label "Old Irish Gold" and sold it on the German market.

Meanwhile, Mootz has disappeared, and very few bottles of Old Irish Gold exist and are on sale at Celtic, a German specialist whiskey  store.

Old Irish Gold certainly is different than today's offerings, but has an attractive nose of citrus and lemon and a sharp, malty taste.

Facsimile of export certificate, H.M. Customs and Excise "Hot" recipe for Irish Coffee (in German) on the back side "Distilled and aged by Old Irish Distilling Company, Dublin, Ireland"