Old Dublin Irish Whiskey

This Whiskey, which, according to its label, was produced by the Old Dublin Distillery Co., is actually a Value for Money Whiskey from Irish Distillers Group who launched it in 1995 to fight Cooley's predominance in the Supermarket Shelves.

The blend contains Malt Whiskeys distilled in Midleton and Bushmills, aged to 6 years, and some younger Grain Whiskeys.

It is bottled at 40 per cent abv.

As Peter Mulryan puts it, "Whiskeys like Old Dublin don't really offer the customer Value for Money. Duty on 7-Year-old Pot Still Whiskey, matured in first-fill Bourbon Casks, is the same as the duty on three-Year-old grain Whiskey matured in an old boot."