Power's Gold Label

Power's was first bottled in 1886 by John Power & Son of John's Lane Distillery. At the time it was "pure" Pot Still as the company never used patent stills.

Today, it is produced by IDG in Midleton, Co. Cork, and consists of a blend of Pot Still (70 per cent) and Grain Whiskey (30 per cent), where the Pot Still is made of 60 per cent unmalted and 40 per cent malted Barley. Single Malt is not used at all.

Power's is the best-sold Whiskey in the Republic of Ireland and hard to find anywhere else.

It won a Gold Medal in 1996 at the International Spirit Challenge in London.

Power's is bottled at 40 per cent abv and is, according to Jim Murray, a Classic, and the most attractive of all Irish Whiskeys.