13th April 2005
Added the Make a donation section

Added the Old Advertisements section. Thanks to Tony at!


11th April 2005
Removed link to the German Version. This will have to wait until the website is completed. Entschuldigung!!!


10th April 2005
Organised a Whisk(e)y Tasting with my colleague Michael Mrotzek. The results are published in the new Tasting section.

Also there, Alex Kraaijeveld's fine report and tasting notes of Irish Malt Whiskeys. Thanks for the hard work, Lex!


3rd April 2005
Updated Old Bushmills Distillery with two pictures of a former grain store and the kilns. The grain store or barley loft still shows a big water tank on top, although the tour guide insisted this building is and always used to be a warehouse.

While cycling through Dublin's Ringsend and Docklands area, I spotted an old building in Windmill Lane, which seems to have been used as a mill or granary of some sort. It clearly dates from the Victorian Era, and many years later was used as a recording studio by U2 and others. Windmill Lane is near Pearse Street, so the building could be related to Dublin City Distillery.


29th March 2005
Email Section launched.

Updated Comber Distilleries.


28th March 2005
News! Section launched.

I just returned from a Donegal trip which also included visits to Derry, Coleraine, Burt, and Bushmills. The distillery tour there was rather short this time
L, but is worth it, as the 12 year-old Bushmills Distillery Reserve can only be purchased at the premises.

Burt distillery, the only legal distillery of some success in the poteen stronghold of Co. Donegal, closed in 1841. Its chimney and a few buildings still exist, and they are now home to the cattle.

Coleraine was once noted for its fine Malt Whiskey. The plant was closed in 1978 after malting, distilling, and bottling were gradually transferred to nearby Bushmills. Its sad remains can be seen right in the heart of the lovely Co. Derry town.

The story of distilling in Derry is told here.

Updated the Dictionary.